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Report on cleaning up diesel engine NOx

Expand your knowledge within this area, with this exclusive Automotive IQ report on the topic of: "Cleaning up diesel engine NOx: Emission limits drive further aftertreatment technologies. The report covers the following: • Latest exhaust gas aftertreatment systems

Reducing Emissions in Gasoline Engines

Exhaust gas recirculation, turbo charges, three-way converters and particulate filters each have an impact on the amount of emissions produced by a vehicle, but further technologies can contribute to reduced fuel consumption to achieve additional results. Colin Pawsey explains i ...

Interview with Timothy Johnson on Emission Regulations

Timothy Johnson is Director – Emerging Regulations and Technologies for Corning Environmental Technologies at Corning Incorporated. In an interview with the Automotive IQ, Mr. Johnson speaks about the most important challenge for the OEMs when it comes to reducing fuel emissions.

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New technologies: Diesel on the rise?

This article by Graham Heeps is about the latest emission control technologies and asks the question is "Diesel on the rise?".